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Interior Design

Visually pleasing, quality materials

The New Clio benefits from the introduction of materials usually employed by Renault’s top-of-the-range models. The texture of its plastics is of a higher visual and tactile quality, its chrome is more subtle, with less glare, and the colours inside the cabin are far more refined. In short, the New Clio is an altogether more grown-up proposition, with its seductive style on the outside and perfectly complemented by the sophistication within the vehicle.

A series of upgrades driven by attention-to-detail and refinement

The steering wheel has been redesigned, with the eradicating some of its plastic components giving it a more upmarket feel in keeping with the rest of New Clio’s cabin. In higher-end versions, it is trimmed with full-grain leather. The gear lever, as well as the door panels, have been redesigned to give a greater impression of quality. Now in a single housing, the armrests are more aesthetically pleasing thanks to a new grained finish and now incorporates new controls for ease of the ease of the passenger or driver of the vehicle. The central air vents also have bee redesigned to provide a new look, whilst the LED interior lighting produces a pleasant, warm glow. The seat fabrics are of a higher quality across the board and, in higher grades, the design of the seats are for superior lateral support.

A new customisation programme

Thanks to its new customisation programme, New Clio can be purchased in more than 30 different colour combinations. Customers are invited to choose from:

  • five roof decals (graded design or single colour) and painted door mirrors for a two-tone effect,
  • four exterior customisation packs: front grill bars and side protective mouldings.

All decals are factory-fitted, guaranteeing an impeccable finish. New Clio offers two new interior ambiences, namely Florida Red and Smoky Grey. Compared to previous Clio models, you can take the personalisation even further. Almost the whole catalogue of Clio options, features and trims is yours to customise - so it's very possible that no Clio will ever be identical to another. Your car, your style, your way!

Exterior Design

A new lighting signature

New Clio stands apart from the competition thanks to its full-LED front lighting signature (depending on version) in-line with that of Renault’s other recent models.

At the front, full LED “Pure Vision” headlights fulfil the dual function of dipped and main beam. This technology enhances the vehicle’s appearance as well as safety by emitting a light that is 20 per cent more powerful than a halogen beam whilst at the same time reducing glare.

On higher-end versions, New Clio’s headlamps additionally incorporate C-shaped LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), emblematic of the brand’s new lighting signature. The permanent rear LED lights mirror this look by similarly adopting a C-shaped design (depending on version). In its entry-level and mid-range versions, New Clio benefits from LED Daytime Running Lights and a chrome trim along the bottom of the grille.

The most stylish Clio yet

At the front, the top grille that houses the logo has been redesigned, as has the lower grille which is now visibly broader and more modern. At the rear, the bumper has been redesigned for additional robustness. Meanwhile, four new colours have been added to the existing selection (Mars Red, Titanium Grey, Frost White and Iron Blue), along with new wheel and wheel trim designs.