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Toomey Southend is helping drivers take the road to trouble free trips

With the summer on the horizon, many residents in Essex will be looking to make the most of warmer weather and take to the road on day trips, holidays and adventures.

Local Vauxhall retailer, Toomey Southend, is keen to remind drivers of the all-important checks they can easily and quickly undertake before setting off, to ensure trips are as trouble free as possible.

Kristian Hills, Director at the Vauxhall site, comments: “Everyone wants a hassle–free journey, particularly when travelling over long distances, which is why we are encouraging drivers in the area to perform a quick and easy visual check of their car before setting off, so that many problems can be avoided. It is incredibly easy – all it takes is a good look at a car."

Follow these top checks from Toomey Southend before a long journey for trouble-free travel:

· Check wipers are in good condition and brake lights are working

· Make sure the washer bottle is full; a smeary windscreen is not only annoying – it is dangerous

· Switch on the ignition to see if the oil warning light is flashing. Any dashboard lights need to be taken seriously, so don't ignore them

· Look over the windscreen; a chip can be easily repaired and is often covered by your insurance (check your policy). Left to crack, it becomes a major problem

· Check there are no bulges or splits in your tyres and the pressures are correct – see your manual for details. This is best done when the tyres are cold so the pressure readings are accurate. Don't forget the spare, too! Is the jack and warning triangle where it should be? Check you have a locking nut, if you need one

Kristian Hills continues: “Doing these key pre-drive checks before a long journey will give you reassurance and help prevent any problems occurring once you're on your way. We even suggest drivers undertake these checks every couple of weeks, to be on the safe side.

“However, these simple checks do not replace the importance of regular and thorough car maintenance and servicing. We strongly advise adhering to your car's service schedule to ensure any major problems are detected by professionals and rectified. After all, safety comes first."

The retailer is also keen to remind drivers in the area planning on travelling abroad with their car this summer to investigate and understand the driving laws for the country they are visiting, and ensure they have in their car any items or equipment required by those laws.

Owners can find a wealth of driving advice and car management tools by joining Vauxhall's free, dedicated owner-website: From how-to videos to service reminders, offers and updates, the site features an array of information tailored to Vauxhall drivers.

For additional advice or to find out more about the importance of car maintenance, please contact Toomey Southend online at