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The Peugeot Expert is a commercial vehicle that has been produced to embrace the new design philosophy Peugeot has created for its professional vans. Using innovation, style, reactivity and reliability as a starting point, Peugeot set itself the task of creating the Expert.

As its name suggests, the Expert is fully capable of taking on any level of professional engagement. A practical and versatile vehicle, it delivers high performance as well as interior comfort, ensuring that owners will find the cabin a well-equipped location from which to conduct their work. Motorists can choose from several different Expert models; panel and glazed vans are available, giving two lengths and two heights as individually required.

All aspects of the Expert's exterior communicate its physical and practical nature, as well as its reliable professional presence. New features granted to it by Peugeot include an enhanced front face, a new chrome grille, and a low loading sill for easy loading and access to the interior cargo. Professional motorists can expect a payload of up to 1,200kg, and will also find eight stowing rings on either side of the rear loading space. Motorists can choose from six solid or metallic paint colours, in order to fully customise their vehicle.

Inside, the cabin is fully suitable for everyday use as a mobile office as well as the platform from which to control the vehicle. Functional and innovative features are located at intuitive points throughout the cabin, such as the retractable desk panel, the lockable glovebox, and the holder recesses to carry drinks. Storage spaces provide useful business solutions, and a radio and CD player is included as standard. There is also the option of upgrading to Peugeot's PC Connect service, which gives the Expert Bluetooth® compatibility.

Buyers can choose between a 1.6 litre 90bhp unit or a 2.0 litre motor in 130bhp or 163bhp - both of them HDi diesels. With the most powerful of these engines, the Expert can achieve 0-62mph acceleration in 11.6 seconds. Businesses more concerned with their fuel and tax bills, however, may find the 2.0 litre 130bhp edition more to their taste, thanks to its impressive fuel economy and carbon output figures of 44.1mpg and 168g/km.

Peugeot has fitted a driver's front airbag as standard, and further options for a passenger front airbag and side airbags if desired. An Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is included, as is Emergency Braking Assistance (EBA), and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC).

Toomey Peugeot Southend offers the full range of Peugeot commercial vehicles to customers in the Essex region. Contact us to find out more about the Peugeot Expert, and we will be happy to arrange a test drive for you today.

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