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New Peugeot Bipper in Essex

Available at Toomey Southend

Peugeot has undertaken the philosophy of "designed for the city". As a result of this, the Peugeot Bipper is a compact commercial vehicle that is fully capable of taking on the challenges of working within a city environment.

The Bipper is the most compact of Peugeot's commercial vehicles, and due to this has been afforded superb levels of manoeuvrability and agility. The size of the Bipper's body also makes parking within city confines a smooth and simple task, reducing stress from the journey. Despite its compact nature, Peugeot has still expanded the cargo storage space within, showing no compromise on the Bipper's capacity to ease the working life of the professional motorist.

From the exterior, it is obvious that the Bipper is a strong and reliable commercial vehicle. Peugeot has also fitted the outside of the body with safe and protective features, such as reinforced fixed protection in the front bumper, and protective mouldings along the vehicle sides. These protect the Bipper from the daily risk of small scrapes and scuffs, helping to maintain a clean and professional look at all times. Dynamic and rounded lines express a strong and modern nature, and ten colour customisation options are offered in order to personalise the body.

During production of the Bipper, Peugeot chose four points upon which to put production focus: compactness, economy, driving pleasure and style. The interior functions and abilities of the Bipper truly express these focus points, providing a cargo space that is flexible and useful as well as a mobile office that is comfortable and innovative.

Offering a 610kg payload and a load length that can easily transport long and bulky objects, the Bipper is ideal for any manner of physical work project. A driver's ladder is fitted as standard, and the Multi-Flex passenger seat can be manipulated in order to provide more interior space if required. The seats offer car-like comfort, and the windscreen is large to provide a more expansive view of the road around. Storage spaces are included throughout the cabin in order to keep important work items at hand, and the four-speaker radio also has CD and MP3 compatibility.

The Bipper is powered by a 1.3 litre HDi diesel engine, the 75bhp of which provides accomplished performance. This engine is also capable of exceptionally low fuel consumption and carbon output - as low as 68.9mpg and 109g/km respectively, when equipped with the manufacturer's sophisticated EGC transmission.

A driver's airbag is included as standard, with the options for passenger and side airbags also available. The trip computer gives audio and visual warning to detected onboard problems, and the Anti-lock braking system (ABS) helps maintain overall vehicle stability.

Toomey Peugeot Southend brings professional users the full range of Peugeot commercial vehicles from our well-equipped Southend showroom. Contact us for more information on the Peugeot Bipper, and to arrange a test drive with us.

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