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Taking care of your car – and your budget

With Vauxhall Service Club you can be confident that the quality and value of the servicing you receive is first class. Our MasterFit Promise sets out the uncompromising values of all our Retailers.

And, for great discounts on servicing and repairs as your vehicle ages, why not join the MasterFit Service Club, for free? Right now when you sign up you'll get a £15 voucher to use against your next service, accessory or parts purchase.

Is your Vauxhall vehicle two years old or more? If so, you're eligible to join the MasterFit Service Club – for free!

As a Service Club member, you'll receive exclusive offers and discounts on services and maintenance work. Plus, right now when you join, you'll also get a £15 voucher to use against your next service, accessory or parts purchase. Just sign up for free at the Vauxhall Drivers' Centre to get your voucher.

MasterFit discounts

The cost of maintenance can increase as your vehicle gets older. So, at the Vauxhall Service Club, we link the discount on parts and labour to the age of your Vauxhall:

  • Vehicles two to three years old receive a 15 percent discount.
  • Vehicles three years and older enjoy a discount of 25 per cent.
  • You'll be putting your Vauxhall in the hands of the experts. No-one knows your Vauxhall better.